About Us

by टीम डिजिटल

The Newz Bulletin is a startup and started in Jan, 2020. It is a News cum feature website which focuses on providing relevant, true factual detailed information to its readers as a library.

The Newz Bulletin covers various beats ranging from National & International News, Politics, Sports, Tech, Auto, Religious, Entertainment to lifestyle. The website delivers the fastest and works to enlighten the readers with happenings of the country. The Newz Bulletin is also providing special content, creative feature and researches as per our media partner & client required.

At Newz Bulletin, we believe to deliver True and Fact full News. Our team is always against Fake and Paid News. Newz Bulletin promise its reader that we will deliver Inspiration stories based on Facts and Research.

The Newz Bulletin is most Growing & diversified news Website in Delhi-NCR. Its entire ethos is underpinned by the central belief that an independent media is the bedrock of democracy.

Over 2 years, it has painstakingly built on this principle. Story by story. Platform by platform. It has created a deep legacy of credibility, excellence, trust, and bi-partisanship. It is widely admired as the gold standard of journalism in the country. In a landscape marked by shrill polarities, it has only one political alignment: the Indian Constitution.

For over 2 years it was the undisputed high table of Indian journalism. It served up legendary stories, legendary journalists, legendary editors. It was known for its meticulousness. It set the bar. It reaches a staggering Almost 10 million viewers monthly and covers every discipline that impacts human affairs: from politics and economy to sports, satire, art, business, entertainment, luxury, health, weddings, technology, science, environment, relationships, parenting, life. It is a multi-platform, multi-vertical News Portal. But all of its varied canvas is threaded together by one common inviolable thread: credibility & excellence.

Besides its exacting journalistic standards, Newz Bulletin is also distinguished by its constant innovation, reinvention and embrace of new technologies. It has an integrated, state-of-the-art newsdesk which feeds editorial content seamlessly across its mobile, social media and digital entities, adding up to a massive cumulative reach. Its most recent innovation is a portfolio of digital content geared for an irreverent generation-on-the-run that wants news speedily, accurately and without frills.

Apart from this, Newz Bulletin has also established a media Trainee center, imbued with the same foundational values. It is designed to create new generations of industry-ready broadcast digital or new Journalism professionals, who are invested with both practical skills and a grounding in ethical best practices.

At a time of global ferment, media across the world is embattled and in a state of flux. But through inevitable cycles of high and low, travail and triumph, the Newz Bulletin remains steadfast, winning admiration for holding the line and remaining a torchbearer for independent and credible journalism.

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